Time is Money

PrintSmith should be saving you both!

PrintSmith is one of the greatest tools that you can purchase to run your business. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come prepackaged with all of the data that is pertinent to your organization. The set up manual says that it can take 40 hours of your time to input your company’s information and pricing. Realistically, those 40 hours aren’t going to take place all in one week. You have a business to run!

That’s where I come in. I can teach you how to set it up the right way or just the portions where you are struggling. As an experienced user I have already overcome the struggles you are about to encounter.

My Background

I have been a PrintSmith user since 1998 for two different printing companies, and I currently work for Relevant Works, a company with over 40 employees. Attending 7 PrintSmith User Group Conferences and participating in Beta Testing have given me an in-depth knowledge of PrintSmith. As a result, I have developed an intricate system of customized work-in-progress reports, job tickets, purchase orders, sales analysis reports and many other reports that have transformed our business. In addition, I also use an extensive system of Excel Worksheets that help calculate BHR’s and pricing. I can use these same tools to set up your company also!

A Typical Consulting Visit

Before I visit, I have you answer a questionnaire that gives me a background about your business and how you currently figure your prices. After I have received your questionnaire I will call you to discuss your needs and exactly what you need me to do and when you are available. I can teach you how to set up, perform a portion of your setup, or setup a single product like the Report Writer. It is up to you . If you want me to key in your pricing data I can do that too. The questionnaire allows me to find out if I am a good fit for your company’s needs. If I feel that we can help you then I will setup a list of goals to achieve during the visit.

During the visit I will need total access to your Master and access to the internet. We will also need all of your current pricing data available at the master where we can discuss and plan how you would like it to be entered. Because PrintSmith is a very powerful program with a tremendous amount of flexibility, everything that is set up has to work together as system. For example, if you don’t set up your Stock Definitions correctly it will affect how you are able to order from your paper vendors.

I would prefer that you to be on the latest version of PrintSmith. Updates are available on the PrintSmith website if you have a support package. I highly recommend that you purchase a support package directly from PrintSmith. We have the Direct Assist toll-free phone support package and even I need to use it several times a year! I also recommend that you have a daily back-up routine established.