Enhancement Request: Add Bin Location to the Stock Picker

I don’t know about you, but managing paper can be a pretty daunting task considering that we over 700 Stock Definitions and that over 150 of those are Inventory Items that we keep on the floor (and/or the shelves etc.) We have about 20,000 square feet to manage with lots of shelf space and floor space, so paper tends to be difficult to find if you don’t know where it is. We solved that problem with the Bin Location field in the Stock Definition under the Inventory tab.

We have indicated where each stock is located using the Bin Location field and printed out a list. However, even this list is only a snapshot at where the paper is at any given time. Paper moves quickly in and out of the production area so the printed list isn’t valid for long. Unfortunately, the Bin Location field isn’t viewable in the Stock Picker list view so you can only view the location if you open the definitions one at a time, which is a real pain.

So please join me in requesting PrintSmith to add the Bin Location field to the Stock Picker!

If you would like the reports I use for reporting on the stock inventory, shoot me an email from the “Contact” tab above.