Stock Not Yet Ordered Improved Big Time

Back in Classic one of my favorite reports was the Stock Not Ordered Yet report which did exactly what the name says, give you a listing of all of the that hasn’t been ordered yet. I have been able to kiss that report goodbye because the new HTML version of Vision has the report built in!

Just click on the Order Stock report on the left of the window, and you will be presented with a window called Stock Order that shows you 2 lists:

  1. Pending List items that need to be ordered
  2. Low inventory items that need to be ordered

I love this new visual way of ordering paper without having to print a report or even use the Job Window to order. I’m saving a lot time with this new way getting the paper ordered.

See screenshot below:

Assign Jobs to Users

I love this new little feature in the Work In Progress window where you can assign a Job to a User! This makes creating a scheduling report super easy. Go to the WIP window and enable the “Assigned To” field using the Customize List icon in the upper right corner near the Filter icon.

Then use the filters for the columns to select the jobs you want to assign to a particular user. For example, let’s say that I want to schedule our Ricoh Press. Simply type the word Ricoh into the Press Column filter and hit the Tab button. Vision then presents you with all of the jobs with Ricoh in the press name.

Now, check the boxes on the left side of the screen and a new Dropdown Menu will appear that says “Select User to Assign” just above the filters for the columns. Select the user you want from the dropdown, click the Assign button, and you have now assigned the jobs!

See the screenshot below:

I’m Back! Straight Outta Classic

Hello everyone! I have been spending the last year learning the new HTML Fast Track version of Vision and I am now on the latest version 5.2. We totally skipped the Flash Version. Essentially, we are running both the old Classic and the new Vision side by side.

Vision has some really cool new features that I love, but I’m still noticing a few things are missing. My plan is to make posts highlighting the new features that I love.

See you soon!