Don’t Upgrade to 8.0.18 Yet!

There is a bug with a new feature on the Estimator Note Pad. In the past, you could always open the Estimator’s Note Pad, even if the invoice had been picked up, or “locked”. This latest version 8.0.18 does not allow this.  You can open it, but it is grayed out, and unusable.

Apparently, a few users wanted the Note Pad locked on voided invoices, and that new feature also grayed out, or locked, the Note Pad on picked-up invoices.

PrintSmith says it will be available again in the next release in about 30 days!

PrintSmith Release 8.0.18 is Now Available.

PrintSmith Release 8.0.18 is Now Available.

Changed: Data entered in the user fields in Accounts and Contacts under the Marketing Tags are now automatically added to the table.

Changed: Notes on Note Pad will now remain on invoice even if invoice is voided.

Fixed: Creating customer account from document did not check to make sure address field was populated.

* Estimator
Fixed: Ink charges would not calculate correctly on 2 sided jobs when the quantity field used was Number of Sets.

Fixed: The Product ID search field in the Stock Picker window was not working correctly.

Fixed: Filter for search stock by price in Stock Picker window was not working.

Fixed: When estimating a large format job the run size was allowed to exceed the roll width.

Fixed: When estimating a copy job using the Flat Rate method, the data in the production window of the job was not calculating correctly.

Fixed: When using pricing methods for Outside Services, the data would not show up correctly on the Estimator Checklist.

*PrintSmith Site
Fixed: Credit card information coming in would add an additional number to the credit card number and customer name.

Fixed: The date on the Accounting Links report was showing today’s date rather than the date of the closeout.

Fixed: PrintSmith would crash when an invoice only charge changed locations in the Stop Tracker Step window.

Fixed: The actual time in the Stop Tracker Step window would not be correct if there was a minimum time associated to the charge.

Fixed: When using Tracker from the My Workcenter window, the estimated time in the Stop Tracker Step window would not show up.