HarmonyForPrinters.com Poll on SurveyMonkey.com

Informal Poll to see if anyone is interested in the integration with WebsitesFor Printers.com called HarmonyForPrinters.com


Harmony is a communications tool designed to allow software providers to connect their products with our websites in near real time.
With Harmony, customers can place orders or request estimates on your WebsitesForPrinters.com website and have that information transferred directly to your integrated MIS system. Similarly, any changes you make to the order in your MIS system (such as job status changes) will then automatically update the same job on your website and notify the customer.

This two-way, integrated approach signifies an important milestone in software development for our industry. The tools are there for others to join suit, if they wish. (A gentle nudge from a few well-meaning WS4P customers might help.)

Information is also available online at HarmonyForPrinters.com.

Fiscal Year End Closeout Procedures

Fiscal Year End Closeout Procedures

(Hint: Make a folder called PrintSmith Year End 20XX to store the PDF’s & Backup you will be making.)

Here is the short list “cheat sheet”:

  1. Closeout
  2. Monthly Closeout
  3. Sales Summary (last 12 months, PDF)
  4. Aging Report (PDF)
  5. Sales Ranking Report (PDF)
  6. Backup, Label & Store (in a cool dry place, off site)
  7. Add’l Reports, if desired

Here is the detailed list:

On your last business day, perform a Closeout.

Once complete, perform a Monthly Closeout.

Then, Go to Reports > Monthly Sales.

Perform a year end composite report of every monthly closeout for 20XX by highlighting the months from January – December, (Or, the months of your Fiscal Year.) Choose the Sales Summary from the pull down menu and click Select.

Print the report. This is your Year End report. (Make a PDF)

Then run an AR Report (Aging Report) and be sure to print it and SAVE it. (Make a PDF too!) (The saved file will be stored in your archives folder for reference should you need it later.)

Then, Run the Ranking Report by going to Reports > Customer List.

Report Format > Sales Rank Year, Sort by > Sales Rank Year.

Save the Ranking list. (Make a PDF)

(Tip: The Ranking Report includes Postage so it is NOT completely


In addition, with versions 7.2 & beyond you can now run Add’l Ranking reports. Go to Reports > Account Ranking to run reports like: Number of Orders, Sales by Sales Category, and Balance.

Quit out of PrintSmith and perform a Backup of the entire PrintSmith Folder.

Label and store this Backup separate from any backups done during the normal year. Especially since version 8.0 & beyond has a built in Backup Manager.

A good idea is to backup to a CD and label it 20XX PrintSmith Year End.

This also a good time to run Sales Analysis Report Writer reports for the year. (Make PDF’s)