Using Charge Command Titles for Job Ticket

Here are the instructions for changing the Custom Job Ticket for use with the Charge Command Titles:

You can get your custom job ticket to sort the charge titles in the same order that you have Charge Commands arranged. However, once you do it there are 2 things to to keep in mind.
1. Your jobs from History will recognize the OLD way and you will have to take the charges off and add them back on to get them to sort correctly.
2. If you ever want to switch back to the Built In Ticket you will have put your charges back the way you had them.
If you feel comfortable with that, changing your job ticket is a 4 step process.

1. First, Re-arrange your charges and charge commands in the order that you
For us, they appear in this order:
Outside Services
Mailing Services

2. Second, Open your job ticket in report writer: Select the Data Source (Filing Cabinet Icon) and check the box that says “Group Charges” and the box that says “Use Charge List”, click OK
3. At the bottom of your ticket there is a field called
“Charge_Section_Title”, open that field, then open the formula (red sigma). Make sure the “Special” tab is selected, then choose Command Title (1 to 10)”, click OK

4.The leading Summary for the Charges has to be changed.
A. Click on the Page Part Manager
B. Highlight the 7th Leading Summary (which probably says “Charges: recordtype”)
C. Double click on it
D. On the left window, select the field named “list ID”
E. Click in the Up/Down arrow icon to the left of the Red Sigma, and select the field called “list ID” from the “Charges” menu.
F. Click OK, and OK and save.
Save your job ticket and test it.

Time Clock Auto Out Warning

For those of using the Time Clock that comes with Tracker I have a little warning for you. The Auto-Out feature only works if someone is logged in to PrintSmith. Why is this a problem? If you do a Closeout and Backup at 5:00 and then restart PrintSmith without logging in, PrintSmith will not be able to clock you out automatically at 5:30. You actually have to login to do that or someone has to be logged in.

I’m a bit baffled by this because the Report Manager is able to print reports without anyone being logged in. I’m not sure why someone has to be logged in to be automatically clocked out.

Please note that we have using it as an “In & Out” board for our salaried employees because not everyone can see the “In & Out” board at the front counter.