New Report Samples Booklet


Reports Sample Book & Tips Revised January 2007

In preparation for the Workshop held on January 20th, 2007 I have done an “extreme makeover” of the Report sample book. I have now included many tips including a section on BHR’s and Excel files. This booklet comes free with any CD Purchase, Onsite Visit, or Workshop presentation. If you would like to purchase the book by itself, I will be adding to the “buy” section of this website very soon.

8 Sections:

  1. Power Tips for Setup
  2. BHR’s, Excel Files, Time Studies
  3. Getting Started with the CD
  4. Report Manager Listing of Reports
  5. Daily Reports
  6. Pending List Reports & Job Tickets
  7. Stock Management Reports
  8. Sales Analysis Reports

The booklet is over 130 pages and coil bound with coated covers. Stay tuned for further details!

PrintSmith Users Workshop This Saturday 1/20/07

Unofficial PrintSmith Users Workshop in Cincinnati, Ohio (Milford)
This Saturday, January 20th
9:00 – 4:00

Confirmed the location and the rates;
Ask for the “Church Rate” which is $72 Plus Tax per night.
There are plenty of rooms available for both Friday and Saturday night.

Holiday Inn Express
301 Old Bank Road
Milford, OH 45150

The entire hotel is a Free Wireless Internet Hotspot!

<a href=""/

Click Here to Register: Only $150 Per Person!!
($50 Discount for add’l people from same company)

(This workshop is not affiliated with PrintSmith or EFI in any way.)

I’m working on the agenda, lots to pack in….
Here is the tentative plan:

  1. Include CD of all my latest Reports, Excel Files, PDF’s
  2. Include Booklet of Report Samples (140 pages)
  3. “How we use PrintSmith”
  4. Power Tips
  5. Stock Ordering
  6. Scheduling and Tracking Locations
  7. Using Excel to help figure pricing, BHR’s, Time Studies
  8. New features
  9. Report Writer/Manager tips
  10. Questions

I will also ask whoever attends to give me their Top 3 before the workshop
so I can tailor it to the attendees.

What is a Starting Record Number?


Take a close look at the chart above. It shows the four main databases within PrintSmith: Charges, History, Invoices, and Jobs and the Starting Record Number for each year we since we bought PrintSmith. These four databases will be used in almost every report you create. However, most reports only need a small chunk of data, so I created this spreadsheet to help me run reports faster. (Please note that these numbers apply to our shop only, not yours!!)

Speed is where the Starting Record Number becomes important. Suppose I only need the data from the History database for 2006. The report will run faster by choosing a Starting Record Number of 62,846. This ensures that I will only be using data created from 2006 forward, thus eliminating 62,845 records from the processing of my report!! (Otherwise, PrintSmith goes all the way back to 1998 and starts processing from Zero!!)

Keep in mind that these record numbers have nothing to do with your Invoice numbers, but are simply a consecutive number assigned to each record. I recommend that you create a chart like this for your company by using the Downloader Browse function to find the record numbers for each of these databases for each year. January is a great time to write down the numbers for 2007! It will help you to speed up your reports and save time.