Temporary Fixes for 7.2 Problems & Bugs

Since there seem to be so many minor bugs with 7.2 I thought I’d share some temporary fixes that I have found.

Stock Order Database Problem: You can’t remove the stocks!
There are 2 reasons I have found for this, one is that you marked the stock as a Partial Received or Complete Order Received. Second, is that you changed the vendor’s name.

If you marked it as Received, here is a trick that you can try that worked for me. Click on the Select All button and then hold down the Ctrl key and “de-select the ones that you want to stay on the list. Leave the ones you want to delete highlighted, and click delete.

If you changed vendors, try this. Go back to the original order and Re-Order the paper again and then delete the stock.

If you have any questions, send me an email at psmithron@milfordprinters.com.

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