7.2.4 Bug Update, Changed Print Drivers

Bug solved!!

Although I am not completely happy with this solution I was able to get our reports to print properly by using a different print driver. I was printing to our Xerox 4110 with a PostScript driver which was giving me fits on pages 2 and beyond. So I switched to the PCL driver and now they print fine. Only problem is that the screens are no longer grey, but very large dots.

Also, I failed to mention that my problem was only occuring on scheduled reports to a specified printer. My concern is that I never had the problem until I upgraded. For some reason, every time there is an upgrade, printing from Report Writer becomes an issue.

At this point, I only have 1 major issue with 7.2.4 left to solve, but I am waiting to hear back from service. (And, yes, it has to do with Report Writer.)

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