Quick Calculator for New Charges

Don’t you hate it when you are presented with an estimate for a charge that isn’t already in PrintSmith and you aren’t sure what to charge? Or, you buy something from a vendor and you have no idea how much you want to charge or how much profit you want to make? I run into these scenarios fairly often so I created a little excel sheet to help me out.

If you read this blog you can have download my excel sheet.

Simplified Price Calculator

There is one rule, only change the numbers in the Yellow boxes and the rest of the fields will be automatically calculated for you. The chart on the left is for use with BHR’s if you know them. I personally use John Stewart’s BHR Guide to get the figures so I don’t need to use the Efficiency column. The nice thing about the chart on the left is that it shows you the difference between Profit Margin and Markup.

The chart on the right is mainly for items that are outsourced. Just plug in the price and it automatically calculates prices and profit for over 15 levels of profit!

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