New Report Samples Booklet


Reports Sample Book & Tips Revised January 2007

In preparation for the Workshop held on January 20th, 2007 I have done an “extreme makeover” of the Report sample book. I have now included many tips including a section on BHR’s and Excel files. This booklet comes free with any CD Purchase, Onsite Visit, or Workshop presentation. If you would like to purchase the book by itself, I will be adding to the “buy” section of this website very soon.

8 Sections:

  1. Power Tips for Setup
  2. BHR’s, Excel Files, Time Studies
  3. Getting Started with the CD
  4. Report Manager Listing of Reports
  5. Daily Reports
  6. Pending List Reports & Job Tickets
  7. Stock Management Reports
  8. Sales Analysis Reports

The booklet is over 130 pages and coil bound with coated covers. Stay tuned for further details!

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