PrintSmith Release 8.0.18 is Now Available.

PrintSmith Release 8.0.18 is Now Available.

Changed: Data entered in the user fields in Accounts and Contacts under the Marketing Tags are now automatically added to the table.

Changed: Notes on Note Pad will now remain on invoice even if invoice is voided.

Fixed: Creating customer account from document did not check to make sure address field was populated.

* Estimator
Fixed: Ink charges would not calculate correctly on 2 sided jobs when the quantity field used was Number of Sets.

Fixed: The Product ID search field in the Stock Picker window was not working correctly.

Fixed: Filter for search stock by price in Stock Picker window was not working.

Fixed: When estimating a large format job the run size was allowed to exceed the roll width.

Fixed: When estimating a copy job using the Flat Rate method, the data in the production window of the job was not calculating correctly.

Fixed: When using pricing methods for Outside Services, the data would not show up correctly on the Estimator Checklist.

*PrintSmith Site
Fixed: Credit card information coming in would add an additional number to the credit card number and customer name.

Fixed: The date on the Accounting Links report was showing today’s date rather than the date of the closeout.

Fixed: PrintSmith would crash when an invoice only charge changed locations in the Stop Tracker Step window.

Fixed: The actual time in the Stop Tracker Step window would not be correct if there was a minimum time associated to the charge.

Fixed: When using Tracker from the My Workcenter window, the estimated time in the Stop Tracker Step window would not show up.

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