A new way to import a logo into your documents

They have added a few new buttons in 8.1.X, so it looks a little different now, you can actually import jpegs from the Shared Images folder.

The NEW way looks much easier (assuming you are 8.1.x): On your master, drop a jpeg file into the shared images folder. On your MASTER, Go to Admin > Document Preferences Choose the Format document from the Dropdown menu (You can use the default, as the image will be available for any document later)

Click on the Customize Form button Click on the Images tab On the right side, Choose the “Shared Image” radio button Choose the Browse button The Select A Shared Image window appears Select the logo you want (You may need to hit the refresh button)

Now your logo will be available to all documents, and you need to update the pricing folders. I imagine there is file size limit, but I’m not sure what that is at the moment.

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