How to Change the Sort Order of Charges on My Custom Job Ticket

How to Change the Sort Order of Charges on My Custom Job Ticket
(Send me an email for a free Classic Report Writer report of my job ticket)

Only do this if you feel comfortable making these changes and that it will be an overall benefit.

*** Warning!! ***
Before you begin, make a complete backup of your PrintSmith folder, and, optionally, copy one to your desktop for easy retrieval.

1. First, Re-arrange your charge command titles in the order that you want.
For us, the 10 command titles appear in this order:

  1. PrePress
  2. Marketing/Internet
  3. Print Production
  4. Bindery
  5. Outsourcing
  6. Mailing
  7. Shipping
  8. Discounts
  9. Empty
  10. Don’t Use: Save for Later

2. Second, Open your job ticket in report writer:
Select the Data Source (Filing Cabinet Icon) and check the box that says
“Group Charges” and the box that says “Use Charge Command List”, click OK

3. At the bottom of your ticket there is a field called “Charge_Section_Title”
Open that field, then open the formula (red sigma).
Make sure the “Special” tab is selected, then choose “Charge Command Title (1 to 10)”,
Click OK

Summary Part for Charges List ID

4. Leading Summary for the Charges has to be changed.

  1. Click on the Page Part Manager
  2. Highlight the 7th Leading Summary (which probably says “Charges: recordtype”)
  3. Double click on it
  4. On the left window, select the field named “list ID”
  5. Click in the Up/Down arrow icon to the left of the Red Sigma, and select the field called “list ID” from the “Charges” menu.
  6. Click OK, and OK and save.

5. Reset Command Titles Checkbox for Job Task List

  1. Open the Charge Definitions and collapse the Charge Commands so you can see all 10
  2. Click on the first one, and Uncheck the box on the right for Add Command to Job Task List
  3. Repeat the unchecking for all 10 Commands
  4. Go to File > Exit to Save these Changes
  5. Re-Open PrintSmith and go back to the Charge Definitions
  6. Now you need to check the box for the Command Titles you want to see in the job window
  7. Click on the first one, and Check the box on the right for Add Command to Job Task List
  8. Repeat the checking for each Command you want to see
  9. Go to File > Exit to Save these Changes
  10. Re-Open PrintSmith

Now, create a new job with lots of charges, preferably one from each of the commands and test the printout. If it does not work, feel free to send me an email through the Contact Us page.
Otherwise, you may have to revert back to your backup.

Good luck!!

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