Beautiful Layout Design Inspiration

Need some inspiration for your next printing project? Check out these cool designs!

Dreaming in CMYK

My shop is bustling. The presses are rolling, the folders are humming and the saddle stitcher is doing its dance. We are up to our ears in books, catalogs and magazines and it has me dreaming of gorgeous layouts.

From great design to beautiful imagery to unique stock selection, this post is dedicated to the wonderful world of booklet design. Click on the booklet images to view the source and even more inspiring layouts!


I am absolutely in love with this transparent cover that is featured on the Dwell Coastal Cities travel guide.


Kaleid Arts Culture

How could you not be drawn to these angles? Excellent play on the brand’s identity.


Catch this latest love letter to the Midwest. Filled with beautiful imagery and delicious recipes – this magazine on matte paper is a must see.


Children’s Book Illustrated

These colors paired with the beautiful illustrations are just…

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