Two Apps that Work for Your Business

Running a successful business today means putting apps to work for your company. Whether you are launching a startup or looking to expand a current business, utilizing applications that are beneficial to teams and industry leaders is a way to stay one step ahead of the competition. Here are 2 of my favorite applications. is known throughout both the startup world as well as large-scale companies to help teams and employees better plan their schedules and projects with “to-do” lists. As a free app download available for both Android and iOS phones, Workflowy allows individuals to create outlines of lists for workflow and any other projects for your business.

Evernote is a classic app that is useful for saving documents, photos, and even print materials you want to share with your entire team or specific employees with ease. The free version of Evernote allows users to upload 60 megabytes of data each month, with premium versions available for large-scale companies. Using Evernote is a quick and easy method of showcasing updates, saving and pinning websites to share, and collectively engaging in one another’s finds online (without pesky bookmarks and browsing).

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