7.2 Minor Bug with Stock Order Database

I just discovered a minor bug with the EFI PrintSmith 7.2 Stock Order Database. If you have a stock that is marked as an inventory item and you mark it as received (in full or partial) and then close out of the window, when you open it again and highlight that item EFI PrintSmith will crash. I have tested this on 2 computers on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. (PrintSmith Service has confirmed this as a known issue and will require the next update patch to fix. Look for 7.2.1 in the very near future!)

The solution for now is to use the Select All button and then delete the item, although this may not be possible if you have other active items on the list. Either way, this is a powerful new feature for those who want to track their usage and actual inventory. The only thing that is a bit fuzzy, is tracking the actual waste which cannot always be entered into EFI PrintSmith.

I hope to go into more detail in my next post.

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