7.2 Stock Inventory Features

One of the coolest things about the new stock inventory features is that if you mark a stock as an inventory item it shows up in BOLD! This is very helpful in my opinion because it makes it easier for our CSR’s to know what items we stock in a glance. In fact, there is now a check box in the stock picker filters called “Only Show Inventoried Stock”. And, right next to that is a check box for “Only Show Shells”.

If you look real close at the job window you will also notice that the Order Stock command is now grayed out for Inventoried items. This prevents you from ordering stock you don’t need and forces you to order the stock from the Auto Order or the Stock Order function. Why is that a good thing? Check out the Auto Order feature: they added 2 more check boxes 1. Pending List Items, 2. Search for LOW STOCK inventory items. Now PrintSmith can find them for you, instead of you trying to find them!

I’ll tell you some more cool things about the stocks in my next post.

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