7.2 Shell Inventory for Imprintable Items

The Shells Inventory is one of the most exciting new features that PrintSmith added in my opinion. Why? Now we can double check our inventory with numbers that are posted on our website (from WebsitesForPrinters.com). We used to run reports with Report Writer to check them but now we can just open the Stock Definition window and compare it to the Inventory Management Reports on our website.

Let me give you an example of a form that we imprint for a real estate company. First, we created a special Stock Group for the customer because they have about 15 different forms that we keep in inventory. The special stock group also gives you the added advantage of “hiding” these items from the regular Paper Group list.

Second, we created a stock definition for the item as you normally would but we added this information under the new Inventory tab:
1. Stock is a standard inventory item
2. Stock is a Shell Item
3. We assigned the stock to our real estate account
4. We assigned the stock to a fake vendor with the same name as the real estate account.
(Example: ABC Company would have a vendor called “ABC Company From Inventory”)
5. Enter the current amount on hand in the Stock On Hand field (9,000)
6. Enter the amount you want to keep on hand in the Target Level field (10,000)
7. Enter the Reorder Point level (the lowest amount before you order more)(5,000)
8. Enter the Min. Order Qty. (10,000) This is important: this is the quantity that will print in order to Replenish the inventory. For us, we always want to print the same amount.

The nice thing about this system is that it matches perfectly with WebsitesForPrinters Inventory management!! If you have any questions please shoot me an email. I will continue posting on this topic until I have covered all of the new features. Thanks and have a great day

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