Website Integration with PrintSmith

Web integration was the topic of the day on the PrintSmith listserve so I thought I would record my post here too as this is a very important topic. Why?

The thing about web integration is that our customers get to SEE our
software via our website. They don’t get to see PrintSmith, but they do get
to see whatever we offer up on the web.

In essence, we are more “Married” to our website than we are to our MIS
because our customers are part of the relationship. They want something that
works, that is easy to use, and doesn’t change drastically. (Think of the
shock you get when your significant other shows up with a new haircut!)

We now have around 300 “products” on our website which equals many, many hours of work, not to mention the history each customer has created. The
longer we wait for integration with PrintSmith, the harder it becomes to use whatever PrintSmith has to offer in the fuutre and that is a very real concern for us.

Don’t get me wrong, I love PrintSmith, but integration has become more and more important on daily basis. My hope is that PrintSmith will start giving some serious consideration to integration with 3rd party websites. I welcome your comments!!!

(For those of you who don’t know, we dropped PrintSmith Site in October 2003 for WebsitesForPrinters and PrintSmith still hasn’t caught up.)

One thought on “Website Integration with PrintSmith

  1. Shawn June 24, 2008 / 11:34 PM

    i totally agree with the comment – the lack of having the ability to import or export invoice level or job level information is a real problem. We have a custom built online shopping cart system, and we would like to export the order into printsmith and then track it from there. I think it is best for Printsmith that way they can sell more licenses and other modules. But there is no way I know of importing or exporting invoice level data. It sucks!!
    We love Printsmith but due to this limitation we might one day give it up..


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