7.2 Installation Tips

Here are few tips I thought I would share with those of you concerned about installing 7.2.

First, do a complete backup of your master, and your key workstations.
Why workstations? If you have to revert back to 7.1 for some reason it will be easier if you have a few backups of some 7.1 workstations. Trust me. Otherwise, you will be starting from scratch on the workstations and you don’t want to do that.

Second, don’t start messing with too many of the new features on the first day. Make sure all of the routine items are working first on everybody’s workstation before you start making changes.
Don’t add new Sales Categories just yet, there is a small bug with Pricing Methods.

Third, the account history had a major makeover so there a few things to note:
1. The oldest items will now show up first. Click on the Diamond on the right to “flip” the list over so that the most recent items are on top.
2. The find feature has been reset to look for a Posted Date instead of Description. Reset that the Tab to Description.
3. The account history now shows the ENTIRE history and this may take awhile to load, especially for the Walk-In account.
4. Good News! The filters at the bottom now actually work and do what you would expect them to do. (This Month, Last Month, This Year, etc.)
5. You can now bookmark 3 items instead of just one.

Fourth, the Pending List now has the ability to show the Invoice Title. That is huge and long overdue. Add this as soon as you can under the Preferences for the Pending List.

Fifth, there are some minor glitches, but all in all a very smooth release. If you don’t like small, minor glitches then wait for the 7.2.1 updater to be released and you should be safe.

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