7.2.1 Updater Released!!!

The 7.2.1 Updater has been released!!! This should fix many of the bugs in 7.2. Please read the list of fixes below.

Just got to http://www.printsmith.com/serv to download and update your system. If you haven’t already upgraded to 7.2 DO NOT stop at 7.2 and smell the roses! Install from the CD and then update immediately to 7.2.1.

After updating, I would advise testing all of the things that have been causing a bug. The updater has a small list at the beginning but here is the list from Danney Rodgers of PrintSmith:

—-Changes in version 7.2.1—-

+ Admin – Stock Order Report

Fixed an issue with deleting items from the list once the order has been

Fixed a printing issue which prevented the second page and beyond from
showing any text.

Fixed an issue with the “Auto Order” feature which included jobs from the
Pending list and the stock was a inventoried stock, it should not include
these stocks in the report.

+ Networking

Fixed an issue on Mac OS9 which prevented a Pricing Update from successfully

Also many adjustments where made to improve the overall stability and
performance of the network communications, the new Port Speed adjustment
number can now be adjusted back to (ZERO) which is full speed. If your
using a network configuration which includes bottlenecks (wireless access)
or is remote (over the InterNet) you may need to adjust the Port Speed to a
higher number, I would recommend jumps in increments of (20) until a stable
connection can be made.

+ POS – Pending List

Fixed an issue with the current selection being lost when changing the
documents PO#

+ POS – Cash Register

The default document preference is now set first from the Saved Invoice,
then by the Customer Account and finally from the system wide preference
panel. These rules only apply when the Invoice is last saved with a
document preference which is mark as “Not a valid Invoice”.

+ Admin – Delivery Tickets

Fixed an issue when using the “Other” option in the FROM address, it would
lose the custom address when switching panels.

+ Printing

Fixed an issue with saving and restoring the proper Page Setup information
for Invoice document preferences, settings like Page Orientation would not
hold when changed in the Invoice window.

Printing a Job Ticket from the Invoice window, that uses the Custom
ReportWriter version, would not use the proper page settings, items like
Page Size would always use the default size. This is now fixed.

Document Preferences, the options for Page Orientation have been removed
from the “Printer” panel. These options would defeat the purpose of a
File->Page Setup when attempting to set the page size and orientation using
the standard methods, the recommended method for adjusting the page settings
is by first selecting the document preference from the pop-menu and then
select File->Page Setup, this can be done from the Admin Document
Preferences OR the Invoice window.

+ E-Commerce

Fix an issue with the Web Worksheet in the Job edit window, the check mark
could not be seen in the first column when selected.

+ Sales Categories

Fixed several issues with the expanded sales categories, one of which
prevented any of the new categories from being used in the Pricing Methods
preference panel and another would not produce a composite report correctly
from daily sales. The Pricing Methods will not change for any Invoices
already posted, but the composite report can simply be reprinted to reflect
the proper amounts.

+ Invoices – Job Ticket Notes

When using a historic Invoice as a starting point and performing “Copy to
new Invoice” or “Copy to new Estimate” the existing Job Tickets notes will
be prepended with the current customer account notes if different, this will
ensure the most current information from the account is always visible on
NEW jobs.

+ Pricing – Stock Definition

Fixed an issue with Blank Stock quantity numbers greater than 32,767 – they
would go negative beyond that point.

+ Overall

We are continuing to improve our support of Native Windows text handling in
a effort to render none English versions with better accuracy, to that end
we have changed several User Interface elements, things like Pop-Menus and
Pull Down menus from the menu bar have been completely revamp, you should
not have any difficulty

+ Intel Mac Hardware

A few known incompatibilities have repaired, this new operating system and
hardware has not yet been fully tested and we cannot say if PrintSmith will
be 100% functional at this time, but no major issues have been discovered
when using the Intel Mac as a workstation, its not recommended as a Master
at this time.

+ Upgrading 7.1.x (to) 7.2.1

Fixed an issue with the stock definitions losing the markup percentages and
reverting to the system wide defaults, this would only occur on Windows
masters. If you have already updated to 7.2 then you will need to obtain a
printed report from your previous version and manually correct the markups
in each stock. In some rare cases the original file can be restored from a
backup and converted again to fix the data, but this should not be done
unless a PrintSmith technical support person is consulted.


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