7.2.1 Bug Alert: Label Formats Lost

Just a little FYI for those of you about to load the 7.2.1. updater. The Label Formats will be lost which may or may not be big deal for you. They are primarily used for Carton Labels and mailing labels. We are on windows (not sure about the Mac) and we lost 11 Label Formats. We only used about 4 so it isn’t tragic, just a pain.

Here is what I did to recover them:
I had loaded our prices onto a demo version and I was able to view them and print them out so I could re-enter them manually. I have not heard whether PrintSmith will have a solution for recovering them. At this point I will probably just re-enter them manually. Stay tuned.

Nonetheless, BEFORE you upgrade print out your Label Formats. To print them, I just used the print screen button on my keyboard and pasted the graphic into a program like Pagemaker or Publisher.

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