Updating the Price Folder No Longer a Pain!!

One of my favorite new features in 7.2.x is the ability to “Push” the prices to the workstations. For now, I have been forcing the new pricing to the workstations “on the next Login”. PrintSmith gives you two options for pushing the prices:

The first option is the one I am using and it works great, although my co-workers thought it was a bug the first time they saw it. After you have changed your pricing, go to the Pricing menu and select Workstation Maintenance. A new window will appear called WS Maintenance. Select the choice that says “On Next Login” and then click the button that says “Push to Force Pricing Update.” The next time someone logs in at a workstation they will get a message that forces the prices to be updated.

If you want this to happen immediately, choose the “Immediately” radio button. I don’t recommend this because it may clog your network to have everyone updating the price folder at the same time. (Plus, I haven’t tried it, nor do I want to.) Good Friday is almost here, I may try it then when half the shop is gone.

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