7.2.1 Bug Update on Report Writer

Good news and bad news for Report Writer fans for the 7.2.1 updater

Good News:
The Job Ticket bug has been fixed! The problem was with the legal size job ticket printing on 2 or 3 pages when it should only print on one.

Bad News:
There are still at least 2 bugs with the printing of reports that I have found so far. First, If you preview a report that is landscape and then try to print from the preview it comes out Portrait. Second, there are still miscellaneous marks between the lines on some of the reports. I have reported both of these to service, but I haven’t heard back.

I’ll keep you posted on anything else as I discover it. I suspect that there will be a 7.2.2 updater very soon because of the bug with the Label Formats being eliminated. Send me an email if you want some more advice about upgrading.

All in all, the benefits gained by upgrading far outweigh the inconviences. If you are going to Connect in Las Vegas, I would highly encourage you to get familiar with 7.2.x BEFORE you go.

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