3rd Party Web Integration with PrintSmith?

Wouldn’t it be great to have PrintSmith integrated with your 3rd party E-Commerce website? If you are using one of the big 3 (WebsitesForPrinters, MyOrderDesk, or PrinterPresence) this would be a dream come true! I have been asking for this ability for 3 Years and I found out today that it is a reality. Unfortunately, it is a reality only for members of 2 Franchises.

Why can’t anyone else have it? I’ll let Ron Teller from PrintSmith answer that one.

“Two of our corporate accounts have asked us to integrate PrintSmith with their ecommerce systems. One is a home grown system and one is a third party. Each party paid us a great deal of money to get these integrations and had the stipulation that it would be an exclusive to their stores, therefore it is not available to non-franchised printing companies.”
-Ron Teller, PrintSmith Forum April 17, 2006

Which causes me to ask, who from EFI would sign that deal? Knowing the failures of Site and the mass exodus of those that tried it (like me) why would EFI “handcuff” themselves to a deal like that?

Think about it, how many independent shops have WebsitesForPrinters, MyOrderDesk, or PrinterPresence? I have heard that between the 3 solutions that there are at least 2,500 shops. How many of those use PrintSmith? I have heard that PrintSmith has about 25-35% of the market which would be around 600 shops. How many of those would be willing to pay $5K for integration? Over 100 shops tried Site, I’m sure at least 100-200 would be willing to pay $5K. That is $500,000.00 minimum!!! Did the Franchises pay that much?

I haven’t even mentioned monthly fees!! There’s another $100,000.00 a year, easy.

Here’s the sad part. Now we know they can do it, but they won’t do it for us.
I can’t believe they admitted this publicly…….

One thought on “3rd Party Web Integration with PrintSmith?

  1. Ron Woodruff April 18, 2006 / 9:35 AM

    Just a quick update: Ron Teller posted a message that PrintSmith is NOT blocked from integratng with a 3rd party e-commerce solution. This is good news. In addition, he said that the costs could be as high as $100K, which relly isn’t that high if you could get one of the big 3 to take it on.


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