Stock Order Database Now Includes Vendor

For those of you that like to use the Stock Order feature (or have been putting it off!!) version 7.2 makes it easier now that the vendor name is visible in this window. (Go to Reports > Stock Order)

This feature allows you to sort you orders by vendor and see those orders who are missing a vendor. Why would an order be missing a vendor? If you use the Special Order stock method and simply fill in the info in the Job Window only, you will not get a vendor assigned. All you need to do to add a stock “on the fly” is to click on the Special Order button and fill out the stock definition window that pops up. Again, if you skip that step, you will need to assign a vendor later.

Personally, I like to just go ahead and create a stock definition for every stock unless I know it will only be used once. If you use the Special Order button, you can convert that stock into a regular stock just by moving it into one of your regular stock groups.

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