Update on 3rd Party Web Integration

Just a quick update: Ron Teller posted a message that PrintSmith is NOT blocked from integratng with a 3rd party e-commerce solution. This is good news. In addition, he said that the costs could be as high as $100K, which relly isn’t that high if you could get one of the big 3 to take it on.

Here is his post:

“We have in the past done custom integrations to PrintSmith for large customers. These have been proprietary to the client as well as confidential so we can not comment on any specifics. In all cases there was custom development and an ongoing fee to support this integration. The cost of building and supporting this integration is significant, often running over $100k. We have seen very little use of this up till now in the couple of cases where it was deployed. If any clients are interested in sponsoring the integration, they should contact us. But once again, they should be prepared for a significant expense and many months of development and testing. If anyone does wish to proceed, email Chuck Gehman at chuck.gehman@efi.com.”

Interesting choice of words “If anyONE wishes to proceed…..”

Like just one company would pursue this, but a group of companies would! Here are few groups that I can think of: WebsitesForPrinters, Printers Presence, MyOrderDesk, franchises, etc.

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