Creating a Job Template

One of the quickest ways to speed up the estimating process is to create Job Templates. If you know how to create a job then you are 95% of the way there!! Simply create a job on estimate (or invoice) like you normally would for One job or One Multi-part job. When everything is perfect and just the way you want it you are ready to create a Job Template. Don’t forget to add a Product and try to make the template usable for any quantity or any paper.

To create a Job Template open the Job window. (If a multi-part job open the first job or what is called the “control job
for the entire thing.)

Now, go to the File menu.
Scroll to Save As.
This automatically opens your Template folder.
Simply give your job template a name, click save and you’re done!
you just created a JOB template, there are 2 kinds: Job and Invoice.

(I personally don’t like Invoice templates for reasons I’ll explain some other day.)
Now, test it out!
Create a new estimate.
Instead of double clicking to create a new job do this:
Go to File > Open Template
Find your template, click Open, and say yes to updating the prices.
There you have it!!

I would also save this in the estimate history for reference later on. I created an account called Templates strictly for this purpose. Why?

2 Reasons:

1. The estimate history is automatically updated when each new version is released. Templates in the Templates folder do not get updated, that is why there a Template Converter utility.

2. You have a backup template that is easily accessible in case your Template gets damaged, or lost.

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