Excellent Site Council Meeting!

The PrintSmith Site Council meeting went very well in my opinion. We had around 20 users from around the
country (plus about 8 EFI staff) and Chuck Gehman took down extremely detailed notes about our issues and concerns. It was all handled very professionally and I felt that it was a very constructive and positive environment that will result in actually getting things done. I look forward to attending more of these meetings if they have them.

One small side note: I have a whole new respect for the process that the
developers must go through!! I don’t envy their job.

My only wish was that this meeting really should have taken place about 2 years ago.

So the question remains, when will it “work”?
It really depends which features your company needs. They do have a timeline but at this point it is not exactly clear what features will be included and at what dates on the timeline. Of the 20 “major” items on my list about half will make the cut for sure in the next release. Following that, about half of my remaining items will make it in the 2nd release. (Yes, I’m being vague on purpose!)

Think about it, they are partners with Xerox, Adobe, and XmPie. In the long run, they should have the best e-commerce solution out there. Until then, we will have to take a few more “patience” pills.

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