Starting Record Number for Reporting

If your Report Writer reports take a long time to run, then it is probably time to change the starting record number.

The starting record number is located in the Data Source (Filing Cabinet
Icon). When you click on this the Select Data Source window will appear and
it will tell you what your Data Source is. If you are using “Documents” your
data source is Invoices by default. If you are using a “List Data” note
which database you are using.

Now the trick is to find out what starting record number you need.
The best way is to go to the Downloader and use the Browse function.
Next to “File to Browse” choose the database your are using as your data
source for your report.
In the upper right corner is the number of “Records in File”. This is the
total. At the bottom is the “Go to record” button and a field to enter a number.

Try entering a number that you think might be close and then scan the data.

The number you enter into the Data Source will be the record that the Report
Starts with. It will automatically eliminate all records that precede it.
Thus, the report runs faster because there is less data.

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