How Do I Import my Logo into PrintSmith?

How do I import my logo into PrintSmith?
That question gets asked so often that it amazes me!

In short, you must create a file that can be opened by 3rd party software and then “copied and pasted” into PrintSmith.
The Windows platform requires a JPG or a GIF, and the Mac platform requires a PICT. (Be sure that your logo looks good and is at least 300 dpi, do not import a 72 dpi image.)

On the Windows platform you need to use a 3rd party program like Imaging or Paint to open any JPG or GIF. (Go to Programs > Accessories > Imaging.) Then select the image and Copy it to the clipboard.

On the Mac platform most every program will put both a native & PICT format on the clipboard during a Copy and Paste operation.

On the PrintSmith MASTER, open the Document Preferences under Admin menu, select the Customize Form button, and then select the Images tab. The button next to the Logo ID icon (orange) will open the Image Viewer and that is where you Paste the image from the clipboard. (Do not do this on a workstation unless you plan on copying it to the Master.)

This process creates a file called PS Customizer – User.rsr file on the Master and it will need to be distributed to all the other workstations, the best way to do this is to place the file in the Prices folder on the Master, then perform a Pricing Update on all workstations.

You then may need to size it properly with the parameters using the Form Layout Tab and Logo Base fields.

One thought on “How Do I Import my Logo into PrintSmith?

  1. Brian July 27, 2006 / 11:50 AM

    Thanks ron worked like a charm


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