PrintSmith Site Council Wish List

The PrintSmith Site Council is tomorrow which is a great opportunity for me to post my wish list:

Updated 2006 Site Wish List
(The competition already has many of these features, and I’m not certain which ones have already been addressed)

1.We have several customers who need to see an Automatic Inventory
calculation on their forms from inventory. When they order 50 forms they want to see the inventory reduced by 50 immediately.

2.We have a several customer who need 3rd party approvals on their orders.

3.We want our customers to be able to view their Job Status.

4.Our customers complain about Logins and passwords and us not having the
ability to help them. Need an “As They See it” feature. (This was already mentioned by Bill & Sheila today, but has been on on my list since 2003)

5.Our customers want to make changes to their orders after they were sent.
Very nice for minor mistakes on Composer Business Cards.

6.We need the ability to customize emails sent to our customers.

7.We need to present a 1 Up business card Proof File, but have the
Production PDF file come in to us 4 Up. In other words, there are 2 types of files: 1 for Proofing, and 1 for Production.

8. We need a Drop Down Menu for address locations on Composer Business
Cards. (We have a customer with 14 locations. On Site Composer, we needed 14 Cards.) Does XMPie address this?

9. Browser Based Administration. (I think this one may be fixed in 2.0)

10. Need a “View All” feature that allows the customer to
see All of their forms instead of being forced to go deeper into each Category.

11. Integration of the entire ordering process with the customer’s email
address. Estimating the job, Receiving the order, Viewing the Proof, Notifying the customer of job status, etc.

12. Unit Pricing: I think this one may be fixed but we need to be able to give a price for any qty from 1-50,000.
(Example: The form is already printed, the price is always $.15 each, we just need it to do the math.)

13. We will still need some sort of 3rd party web integration via email and a place to store 3rd party web job numbers that is searchable.

Hope to see everyone in Pittsburgh tomorrow!

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